Beware of conartist Elijah Layaan Zvenyika selling cats and puppies and not rabbits  👿🙄. The pathetic man has join the league of Zimbabweans who sell fake meat.

Fellow Zimbabweans beware of this man called Elijah Layaan Zvenyika haasi kutengesa tsuro . When I asked him he cursed me

Most of the time zvanzi anotengesa tuhanda tuya tunokwana muhand bag nekatsi.He is selling cats and puppies and lying to unsuspecting buyers that he is selling rabbits . He is dealing with some Chinese who are breeding cats and puppies at a hideout farm in Chitungwiza and Highfields. On facebook he advertises and shows the real rabbits that he stole at a school in Seke. When
you phone him that you want to see the rabbits at the house so that you choose he tells you that because of corona he can only deliver. He asks you to ecocash . When he delivers he is in a hurry. He just gives you a plastic bag saying your order . When you try to check he says he is in a hurry he has many orders to deliver because many people can’t go to buy meat because of corona lockdown. A woman who was conned said she got her order kusina magetsi so she didn’t even bother to check until the next morning only to see a cat in the plastic bag. Zvanzi he’s bribing police . When the woman went to police she saw a man who said in his plastic he got a cat as well. Another woman said she phoned Elijah to ask why the rabbit seemed to be bigger and she was told it’s a chihuahua type of rabbit . She got 3 puppies in her plastic bag.

His advert on facebook

“Tsuro dzekudya or dzekuchengeta inbox or call pa………….. location highfields harare.

Tsuro for sale all types …Newzealand white ,grey chinchila , flemish giant . Newzealand broken ..Newzealand black , angora , contact….  only selling weaners ( 2 months  old) for more info n more pix app or call …….Harare highfields ………..