Abuse of our public funds ..typical. Grace part of the 1 hour speech at mother’s funeral…and tiri kungohukura vachingoba and living pretty. 2023 iri kusvika madununu tichindovavata.Takapata zvekuti. Wotoonawo rimwe benzi raishaina nevote yasatan apa zvadzokerana zvikwambo zviya.Struggle haidi fake people who are just power hungry.

[07/09, 8:04 am] Other2: Vanhu vamwe ava

[07/09, 8:24 am] Sisi Vee: Dear hanzvadzi. Thank you so much. Mufunge that country and its fake people is a hopeless situation. That journey and funeral was funded by our public funds too.

[07/09, 8:24 am] Other2: Chartered the most expensive plane for a civilian imagine

[07/09, 8:25 am] Other2: We was played by Zanu to accept this man honestly

[07/09, 8:29 am] Sisi Vee: Ndozvinoita kupusa .Zimbabweans are dumb.I would rather have them curse me as I remind them of their dumbness than please them with lies . Another dumb one is Chamisa.I wonder kuti ari kunyarira pai izvozvi as the devils are back together.How is he going to despise this public funds abuse when he dines with the devilish family and was bragging about their satanic votes.That nation is infested with unprincipled idiots no wonder zanu taitadza

[07/09, 8:29 am] Other2: Apa how quiet is she mungamuziva kuti ndiGrace

[07/09, 8:43 am] Sisi Vee: Ehe tsotsi