GCN Betty Makoni Malborough Mansion and Oxfam Novib letter to GCN about cancelling aid due to donor funds abuse

“This is the mansion that she built for herself using donor funds from NGO Oxfam Novib. A source shot the images. Betty was given the funding after applying achiti she was to build empowerment villages for sexually abused girls and she built herself a mansion etc.She then fled to Britain with her husband and children where she immediately bought another house.

The information and much more was leaked to me and I publicised and despised the thieving and Oxfam and some Zimbabweans wrote to prospective donors as well to stop funding GCN. The donations stopped and she then decided to pursue social work . This did not go down well with Betty who went on to spread lies that I am a zanupf spy lying about her despite the Oxfam letter which I did not write kekekekekekeke. She hated me eversince the issue went viral. So when you see her vying for my downfall aided by Zim eye Simbarashe Chikanza this is one of the reasons.No wonder tisingabudiriri .Kuba donor funds to build own mansion and not paying employees etc. Kushaya conscience chaiko typical …” Said sisi Vee