Chiwenga’s appointment as VP Not Breaking News but Obvious News .

From day one of the sewage coup I saw it coming .Now we need to brace ourselves to the reality that we are faced with the deadliest team ever to grace Zimbabwe.

Mnangagwa and Chiwenga are state registered looters and now they will loot even more. Both are power hungry monsters and now they will use our guns to remain in power.The people in uniform who marched with you are the monsters who will ensure the two allies remain in power as Chiwenga prepares to be Zimbabwe’s future president .

If we are to remove the two Zanupf thieves and thugs from power we unfortunately need bullets too and not ballots.

To those who supported the ZDF march and the sewage coup thinking it was about freeing Zimbabwe from Zanupf do not despair. It only freed Mnangagwa and Chiwenga from Mugabe so the struggle continues.

Be faced with the reality that you were used to achieve Chiwenga and Mnangagwa ‘s personal agendas as always said . Unfortunately you will go down in history as the freedom fighters who helped to revive Zanupf to greater heights so you are partly to blame for the unfortunate situation we are in.A military government moreso of well known murderers is more deadly than a Mugabe government.

In future think before taking political decisions .Our future is determined by the decisions we make today.So there is our future in the hands of a military government that you put in place.

Efforts to stop you were in vain .The words ” their struggle , not your struggle , their destination , not your destination …remain in your lane ” will now make sense.

Do have a stress free Christmas and an action packed 2018 filled with struggles for a Zanupf free Zimbabwe.

Never underestimate voices of reason .They can be from anyone blessed with the gift.

Sisi Vee