IMPORTANT ALERT: Human rights defender and protest singer VIOMAK planned abduction on arrival in Zimbabwe. Please circulate and save the information. Their information has been handed over to Zimbabwe airports in Harare and Bulawayo awaiting their arrival in the country

The details of the Zanupf CIO thug who will abduct Viomak.These are  on going investigations associated with  the death threats Viomak received from the zanupf thug in UK Perseverance Mapira  using the UK number below ,and so far we are here. Viomak has reported him to UK police.

His name is Patrick Mpofu a notorious zanupf CIO who was transfered from Bulawayo to Mutare.Now it is terrorising Manicaland. The man is working hand in hand with the UK zanu terrorist and spy Perseverance Handy Leon Mapira using  +4478 52 811 360 .

Meet the notorious ZANUPF CIO PATRICK MPOFU who will abduct/kidnap Anti Mugabe Advocate Viomak below.

He is working in cohoots with a UK based zanupf terrorist and Edinburg City Council employee PERSERVERANCE PERCY HANDY MAPIRA.

The two zanupf terrorists who have been working hand in glove making frantic efforts to get to Viomak are desperate for her blood for despising their zanupf party in protest songs.

In May 2017 the Mutare based zanupf murderer Patrick Mpofu was assigned to murder long time anti-Mugabe advocate Viomak.Viomak got wind of the plan and challenged him on whatsapp after which he immediately blocked her without responding. However , Viomak managed to investigate the thug who is seen putting on a black cap in the image.

Viomak has since established that her would be abductor works as a zanupf cio at a
goverment building opposite Meikles park in Mutare city centre (pictured).The about 45 years old evil doer resides at N175 Area 7. Dangamvura Mutare.

The thug masterminds terrorism on behalf of zanu pf in the whole of Mutare and also operates along the Zimbabwe Mozambique border.

End of May 2017 Mpofu was seen at his residence where a birthday party was ongoing .His step child Ruvarashe’s child added another year . His wife’s brother is called Bonny Makudza .The wife’s family has a bottle store in Chimanimani. When Patrick Mpofu arrives in the area villagers run away because he murdered some villagers there and beat up others who he left for dead.

Mpofu is said to be barren .His wife has two children from a previous marriage of which one daughter is married.

Mpofu lives with Tinashe and Pardon .Tinashe who is his sister’s son is a police officer in Sakubva, Mutare (pictured).

Mpofu who was assigned together with the zanupf UK based thug Perseverance Handy Mapira to kill Viomak is said to have been transfered from Matebeleland to Manicaland after having terrorised too many in Matebeleland .

So whenever Viomak disappears in Zimbabwe zanupf terrorists Patrick Mpofu and Perseverance Mapira will have first hand information about her whereabouts.

Patrick’wife and Pardon are cross boarders around Mozambique and Malawi.Before the birthday she was in Mozambique for birthday groceries.

Also residing at the house they share with Mpofu is Melissa who is doing grade 7.She is daughter to Mpofu’s sister in Harare.She learns at Sheni primary school.

Meanwhile Perseverance who is employed by Edinburgh City council in Scotland has since been reported to his employer and the UK police for cyberbullying and for sending Viomak death threats on her mobile phone.

After claiming that he has Viomak’s details including her UK address where he said he will catch Viomak he went on to shoot threatening videos infested with malicious lies urging Zimbabweans in UK to attack Viomak wherever they see her.. The violent  Zanupf thug was reported to West Midlands police by Viomak  .He has removed his Linked page on the internet which showed that he works for Edinburgh city council. Perseverance is working with a zanupf cio in Zimbabwe Patrick Mpofu who also works at Harare International Airport as an undercover.

+263 77 378 4275 Zimbabwe . This is the number he uses in Zimbabwe. Viomak’s life and her family continue to be in danger even with the new administration of Emmerson Mnangagwa and Constantino Chiwenga.

As soon as I disappear if you are interested to know my whereabouts contact the thugs.Zvimbwa zvezanu kurarama nemari yeropa.

Zanupf spy in Scotland : Perseverance Handy Leon Mapira